March 2006 - Column:
For What It's Worth
By Jim Owens

A few of my favorite things

I am writing this article while visiting my son in Los Angeles . No smog today so I can see from his balcony, among other things, the Getty Museum, the Pacific Ocean and even Catalina Island. Ann and I will take the red-eye back to Atlanta arriving early Tuesday morning. No matter how much we have enjoyed our particular trip, there is no place like home.

This month I will share with you some of my favorite things which make Big Canoe so special to me. To take, ever so often, an inventory of what gives me that feel good feeling about living in Big Canoe helps me keep my life in the right perspective. Here are a few of my favorite things about Big Canoe:

  • A Big Canoe sunrise or sunset
  • The rustic atmosphere displayed from almost any vantage point, and there are many.
  • The serene feeling encountered whenever boating on Lake Petit or hiking on one of our many trails, or golfing on any one of our three beautiful courses.
  • The view from the Sconti restaurant which I trust will be preserved.
  • Enjoying at “eventide” a concert at the Terraces.
  • A walk in the Meadows at any time of year. Dogs love it too.
  • Witnessing the care and concern that the people of Big Canoe show each other and for other people both near and far.
  • The beauty of the Chapel and that inspiration that it offers.
  • The helpfulness and friendliness of the many people who serve us.

When I grow weary from the problems and disappointments we encounter in Big Canoe I try and remember that no place is free from such experiences. On the other hand, and more importantly, few places offer as much beauty and community of caring as Big Canoe.

After living in Big Canoe for almost twelve years, Ann and I continue to believe that our decision to move to Big Canoe was one of our very best.

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