March 2006 - Column:
A monthly chat with the
POA General Manager

By Jim Owens

Stan Stewart: On the installation of
automated gates in Big Canoe

General Manager
Stan Stewart

Question: Stan, what is the status of the installation of the automated gates project?

Response: March 15 is the latest deadline – we should meet it! The tags will begin being distributed on this date, and the gates will be “live”! All property owners need to stop at one of the gates so our personnel can install the tags. We need the information on each vehicle to input into our system (make, model, year, color of vehicle). Proof of ownership needs to be shown at the time the tag is being installed. Obviously, the tag cannot be put on except when the actual vehicle comes to the gate.

Our manual system will still be available for those who need that service until all tags are installed. The vehicle will have to go to the inside lane and visit with the attendant.

Question: The new gates are white. Do you plan to paint them another color, which would better blend with the environment?

Response: This question has not been decided. A different color may fit Big Canoe better, but this must be balanced with the visibility requirement for the gates. It can be determined at any time.

Question: The old gate to the recycle center has not been replaced. What are your plans for that entrance?

Response: The upgrading of the North Entrance was part of the Special Assessment for 2006. We are engaging a land planner to design the area to: (1) Make it more attractive (2) Better control the entire trash/recycle area. We anticipate much better control and use of the area.

Question: Will you consider reducing or eliminating the number of guards at the North Gate for the evening shift?

Response: The gate system is being updated because the physical infrastructure was outdated and because the new software features had control of traffic and better security. It has never been a cost saving project and cannot show a cost/benefit. However, once the system is up and running, the possibility will be reviewed regarding the North Gate being unmanned during the late shift. No firm decision has been made yet.

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