March 2007 - Column:

Men’s Golf Association
Opening Day is upon us

Mike Monroe
By Mike Monroe

Contributing Writer

Nothing like it ‘cept maybe Smoltzie throwing bullets past the young bucks at Turner Field. The grass is soon to green up and the greens will hold a well crafted shot.

Questions for the opening day event: Who will our partners be on opening day? Will they execute as well as we secretly hope in the scramble format? Who will we make miserable and who will celebrate with a ‘pinnacle’ moment?

Answers for all the above on March 17th.

A Word About Scrambles

Or should it be called Ft. Liquordale? A stress free way to spend four and a half hours grinding away with your new best friends. Who invented this madness? Certainly the Irish and the Scots were more traditional and honorable. I believe some corporate types wanted to relieve the employees of any additional responsibility at the office only to burden them with the unsavory unsolicited opinions of the other three in the group who will – in rotation- be equally saddled with futility and shame.

The “I can top that shot” mentality leads to a great time for the one in a million shot makers inside all of us. It also leads to a great post tournament “poaching opportunity” for the professional poachers who frequent our track. Golf balls are everywhere, although the ProV cache is surely limited. ( I’d love to hear about poaching (ball hawking) stories from any of you. Not long ago several were brought to trial in our group. Shameless collecting behavior.)

The MGA Strikes a Chord for Decency

2006 Winners
Last year's opening day winners: Don Cochran, Ted Cooper, Coyote Wylie, and Jeff "JT" Turner.

Yes, guys it’s true. Wally Walsh is setting out to give you a firsthand study of the “Good Citizen” on the links. Rodney Dangerfield strolling down the Bushwood fairway and singing along with Journey’s ‘Anyway you Want it” strikes me as our prototype. Seriously, Wally is all about the golfers making our course play even better than it is now. How?

Let’s start with the easiest concept, yet the most difficult to follow through: Pace of Play. Wally has some real simple rules that most of us forget, at least sometimes.

  1. Be ready to take your shot when it’s your turn. That means all the pre-shot stuff is done when the others are hitting.
  2. Take three clubs with you if it’s ‘cart path only’.
  3. And line up your putt before it’s your turn to putt. In other words, all our pre shot idiosyncrasies should be done while others are in their own little world of the preshot bubble. Nobody wants to see your bubble! We are not to out to break any speed barriers. Just a relaxing yet succinct round of golf is what most of us want. Wally will have a lot more on ball repair, sand trap etiquette, and will share his favorite Manhattan recipe too!

More on the Member Guest

You will see posters and articles about the fabulous member guest event planned for June 28, 29 and 30. Dave has opened up the course for more tee time flexibility for the invitees. This event will sell out very very quickly. Look for the applications in your mail box soon.

This year will feature a fashion show and an unbelievable concert under the stars (special thanks to Carolyn Littlel and  HOA) for a more ‘couples’ flavor this year.      

Swing Thought

One must make the decision to be a front foot hitter, so swing with the end in mind. It’s all about balance as we get older. Do the stretching and balance work at home before you arrive and then stretch some more; hips and rotator cuffs before you tee it up.
Remember guys; Hat’s off if you mean it. Email me at

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