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Responsible actions benefit dogs and us

Big Canoe
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By Jane Galvin

Our kennel is usually full so when I get an upsetting call about a dog/dogs in distress I will do my best to help find a solution since we can’t take them in the kennel.

One Sunday I received a phone call from a former resident of Big Canoe who now lives in Talking Rock.  There had been a family who lived on their street.  The father was deployed to Iraq and the wife and children moved away to live with her mother. The wife had asked a neighbor to “look” after their dog.

Well that didn’t happen.

The dog became pregnant, had puppies and became a general nuisance to the neighborhood.  In the bitter cold weather two of the four puppies had frozen to death.  By the time our former resident found them the three were in pretty bad shape.  She put them in her garage until a solution could be found. (Pickens Animal Rescue took the pups mid-week.)

Another hardship for families with loved ones in Iraq---what to do with the pets.  However, if the female had been spayed the problem would not have been made worse with puppies.

I was reading in the paper this week about the Georgia Legislature making it legal to have a gun in your car, and that Kennesaw requires every home owner to have a gun. I would like to see a law passed that every non breeding dog in Georgia be spayed or neutered.  That would make us the most enlightened state in the union.

And with a governor who was a veterinarian, you would think that wouldn’t be too hard to accomplish. Jim and I have e-mailed the Governor’s website many times but never receive a reply.  Makes you wonder if Sonny really cares.

The last statistics which were in 2004, Hall County euthanized 8,814 animals, Dekalb County Animal Shelter 9,089, Cherokee 3, 213, Cobb County 7,130 and the list goes on ad “nauseum.”

And then there was the call last night from someone who did not leave a phone number.  She was reporting a pit bull puppy that had been used in a fight at the Pickens Flea Market.  The pup’s neck was ripped open, the ears ripped off, etc.  She told me where I could find it, but that no one would be there.  A dog fight spectator with a semblance of a conscience.  Hopefully a Kennesaw resident was there and put the poor thing out of her misery.


Ryder is a Swiss Mountain Dog mix. He needs lots of exercise and when the exercise is over, he wants to be your lap dog.

A new resident to Big Canoe was emptying her garbage and as she was ready to drive off she heard a thump in the back of her truck.  She looked back and there sat Ryder as happy as could be.  She searched for an owner but none appeared.

Ryder came into the kennel one sick dog.  He had an extremely bad case of heartworm.  He had to be kept quiet for six weeks, given one last treatment of a heartworm medication to kill off the baby heartworms and then wait another month to be neutered.  All this “waiting” and quiet time for a young dog was tough on him.  Ryder is now ready for a home.

This Swiss Mountain dog mix would be great in an active household as he is quite energetic. Oh yes, he also thinks he is a lap dog.

Guinness, Murphy and Bridgette

Petsmart volunteers Laura and Linda Fierman and Lynn May waiting for adoptions with "The Irish Trio", Bridgette, Murphy and Guinness. No luck that Saturday. As of this writing they are still "partying" like crazy at the BCAR kennel.

The Irish trio, just in time for St. Patrick’s Day!  This threesome was part of a litter of 12 puppies dumped under the porch of another couple from Talking Rock.  BCAR took four and the couple worked hard to find homes for the rest of them.

The day the couple called we received so many calls from people with abandoned dogs.  We could have had 15 dogs and puppies, plus a pregnant pit bull.  Spay, Neuter, Spay, Neuter!  My mantra.


Cricket, once feral is now a "purr-fect" pet thanks to the hard work of the Shaw's, with much help from the Junger's.

This precious semi-feral kitten arrived at the Junger’s house where Cynthia fed her.  Realizing the only hope for this kitten was complete immersion socialization they moved her down the road to the Shaw’s house where Fred and Nan used their considerable talent to make Cricket a tame kitten.

They were successful.

Cricket will be seen in the Smoke Signals doing lunch with Cynthia and sitting in Nan’s lap at one of Fred’s jazz concerts.  The Shaw’s and Junger’s will be quite strict about who adopts this kitten that they put so much of their time, and love, into socializing.

If you would like to volunteer call the kennel at 706-268-1346 and leave a message. We especially need Petsmart volunteers if you can give a week-end afternoon once or twice a year.

The last Saturday and Sunday of the month is Open House at the kennel from 1-4.  The dogs would love for you to come visit them!

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