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About snail mail spam and more

Bennett Whipple
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By Bennett Whipple

Unlike e-mail spam, I don’t hear folks complaining much about the snail mail variety. Like me, I’m sure you schlep home a bundle of letters and catalogs everyday, mostly unsolicited and unwanted.

Letter opener in hand and the day’s cache in lap, I perform the evening ritual of opening and dealing with each piece. Except maybe for a “Boy, another Lands End catalog already,” there’s no other comment or protest. It’s just accepted as a way of life. Maybe it has to do with growing up in a time when post office mail was the only game in town and took on special importance.

Not so with email spam. Folks are protesting loudly and spending loosely for spam filters and such. We’re even programming our computers to reject messages from undocumented senders unless they complete a form to establish their identity and acceptability. We just can’t abide this electronic invasion of our home!

Actually, I think it’s much easier to deal with the electronic email variety than the snail mail kind. All I do is check off the unwanted messages and then press the delete key. Gone! Zap! Vanished! No letter opener to put away. No trip to the trash can. No filing required. No fuss, no bother.

Strange, isn’t it? At least it seems so to me.

Odds and Ends

What I wrote last month, folks, about the Dollar General store being “torn down” was THE RUMOR, not the fact, but thanks anyway to those who called or sent messages to tell me it’s open and doing business. The plan to move it across the street    was the news. And it’s just that, a PLAN, so I expect you’ll be able to shop right there where it is for some time to come.

Here’s an update on what I reported last month about Harry Norman Realtors of Blue Ridge and their sign at the new residential development under construction on Steve Tate Highway. This month’s news is that they’ve terminated their exclusive listing agreement with the developer of Whispering Creek.

The sign announcing the listing arrangement, you may have noticed, came down last month. Gordon Waters, a Harry Norman Blue Ridge partner, says they decided to end the agreement because of business differences.

Robb Stark, sales manager and marketing director for Whispering Creek, declined to be interviewed for news about the development. He wants to wait until later when it’s ready to open.

No news yet at this late February writing from North Gate Station but they’re inching closer to a restaurant tenant. No name, but think Margaritas. Dan DeJiacomo reports also that they’re talking to several other prospects.

Meanwhile, construction crews are working away on the shopping center and the clock tower feature. It will be a real time-keeper, by the way, with ringing bells, Dan says, but he’s holding back some of the details. “Don’t want to give it all away just yet.”

Although not officially open yet and still lacking finished roadways, the new Bluffs at Ridgeview neighborhood is doing well in pre-sales, says Big Canoe Realty ead Mike Rhodes. Eight lots have been sold to date, he reports.

As you’ve read and noted, North Georgia in general and Big Canoe in particular are strong real estate markets and picking up strength. Big Canoe Company’s Ann Young stays busy these days responding to magazine writers from Vermont to Florida who want to do feature articles about life in these Appalachian foothills where we have all the joys of mountain living plus easy access to city life in nearby Atlanta, our urban amenity.

Go! Big Canoe!

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