March 2007 - Column:

Positive activity on all fronts by the HOA

Jim Owens
For What It's Worth
By Jim Owens

Since its inception many years ago the HOA has worked for the betterment of our community, as a representative of its members who are the Big Canoe homeowners.  For the most part, it has joined with the POA and other organizations or governmental entities to advance our community life and enjoyment.

On a few occasions it has been alone in protecting the interests of its homeowner members when those interests appeared threatened or challenged by those inside and outside Big Canoe.  Although its role of providing protection and advocacy has not been thrust to the forefront on many occasions, that is how it should be.  The key is being ready and committed to act when those arise, and it appears that it is.

People don’t join the HOA to have it mirror the actions of the POA or the Developer, but rather to have participation as needed in a spirit of cooperation and community advancement which it has done over the many years of its existence.

The unique role of the HOA as owner of Smoke Signals extends its influence as a positive communication avenue both inside and beyond the gates of Big Canoe.  There are many other valuable services that the HOA has and will continue to provide to its members and others.  Just read HOA president, Jean Mosshart’s monthly column in the Smoke Signals to get a glimpse of its activities.

Many serious community issues will face Big Canoe in the future just as in the past.  It is comforting to know that the HOA will be there collecting the crucial facts and monitoring community affecting developments in behalf of its constituency.  My thanks to the HOA as a long-time member for all it has and will do for Big Canoe.

My other subject for this month is the POA’s recent announcement that it is purchasing, for approximately $100,000, private land outside the gate near the current Station 6, Dawson County Fire and EMS facility.  The POA will contribute around $60,000 with the HOA and the Developer contributing the remainder of the purchase price.  It was stated by the POA that it intended to give the land to Dawson County for its use to build a community center for use by us and others.  I believe that the county and Big Canoe people have been conferring over the location, size, those eligible to use, etc. over several months.

I have assumed that the POA has made certain that we have a legally enforceable commitment from the county to build the community center before we buy and donate the land to Dawson County. 

The announcement from the POA did not mention whether the community-like facility that it has been discussing with the Developer for Big Canoe proper is still being considered, and if so, why!

Before land can be donated by the POA Board the property owners, under Covenant Article IV, Section 3h, must approve the transaction.  No plans have been announced for that vote.  For my part I favor the proposal provided the land was properly appraised for its market value, and we have a binding legal commitment from the county to build the facility.  Even if the purchase deed was taken in the name of the HOA or the Developer, so long as substantial property owner funds from the POA are involved, the voting approval of property owners would be required.

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