March 2007 - Column:
John Seferian
From The Board
By John Seferian

POA Board establishes 2007 goals

In its second working session of the year on February 14, the POA Board set and prioritized its goals for 2007. At its first meeting in January, the Board identified twenty-two objectives and assigned “ownership” of each one to a Board member. In the time between meetings, the list grew to twenty-four.

All of the objectives were discussed in detail at the working session. As a result, each goal was placed in one of three categories. The “A” list items are the “must do’s”. The “B” items should be done in 2007. The “C” list goals will get done this year only if time permits. The “A” and “B” objectives are listed below with their POA Board owners.

“A” List - Top Priority

  • POA Insurance Contract – John Lipkowitz
  • ISO and Fire Protection – Roger Klask
  • Amenity Project Execution – Bob Crouch
  • Covenant Consolidation and Revisions – Billie Ann Rice
  • Revise AECD Guidelines – Billie Ann Rice/Fred Omundson
  • Policy and Planning for POA Senior Staffing Levels – John Seferian

“B” List - Second Priority

  • Dawson County Community Center – Bob Crouch
  • Roadway Beautification – Bill Byrne
  • Internal Marketing of Big Canoe – Bill Byrne
  • Customer Service – Bill Byrne
  • POA Corporate Document Protection – Fred Omundson
  • New POA Owner Package – Fred Omundson
  • Review/Reconfirm POA Rules and Regulations – Fred Omundson
  • POA Salary Administration Oversight – John Lipkowitz
  • POA Sick Leave Policy Review – John Lipkowitz
  • Funding and Profitability of Each Amenity – John Seferian
  • Creative Options to Increase POA Revenues – John Seferian
  • Incorporation Study Group Liaison – John Seferian

It should be noted that a few of the second tier goals did not originally make the “B” list, but were added because they were either underway or were going to get done anyway.

Many of these objectives will require new ad hoc committees and significant community input. There will be lots of opportunities for Big Canoers to get involved. Please don’t wait for us to knock on your door. If you see a topic that interests you, do not hesitate to contact the appropriate POA Board member. There is much work to do!

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