March 2007 - Column:

HOA service is vital to community

Jean Mosshart
President's Report

By Jean Mosshart

Impossible as it may seem, it is time to start thinking about electing HOA directors to serve on the Homeowners Association Board of Directors

for the next three years.  We need your help in locating people who will be willing to carry the HOA banner forward.  I would encourage anyone who has ever given it any thought to step forward and throw their hat in the ring.  And I encourage each of you to think about those you know who have skills and talents that would make them good candidates.

Serving on the HOA Board of Directors has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life.  Yes, there is a lot of time involved.  But you are working with some of the best and most talented people in Big Canoe.  And you are working for this wonderful place we live in.  Big Canoe is the type of community it is because over the years dedicated people have been willing to give of their time to make it extra special.

I’ll not deny that it takes commitment; anything worthwhile does!  However, I feel I have undoubtedly gained more than I have given.  I think almost anyone who has served on the HOA Board would tell you the same thing.  It is a good feeling to know you are working to protect the interests of the homeowners of Big Canoe and add to the wonderful lifestyle we all enjoy here.

The following people have been named to the 2007 nominating committee:  Carol Coogler, Chairperson, Jud Dye, Jackie Gilmer, Jim Leonard, Kay Page and Bill Wilson.  We are very grateful to them for being willing to give their time to this valuable task.  They will be accepting suggestions for nominees between now and a March 16 deadline.  Then they will be contacting those people to encourage them to run for a board position.

HOA Directors are elected for a three year term.  Four new ones are elected every year to replace the four who are rotating off the board.  This year we will also be electing a fifth director to serve out the one remaining year of the term of John Seferian who has been elected to the POA Board.

Elsewhere in this issue of Smoke Signals you will find a nomination form that you are encouraged to fill out with your suggestions for candidates.  It is important to have representation from a broad spectrum of Big Canoe residents.  Please give this some serious thought and let the committee know of anyone you believe would be a good candidate.  The only requirements are that they be a homeowner in good standing with Big Canoe, a member of the HOA, and willing to serve a three year term if elected to the Board.

Each of the 12 Board members has a specific committee assignment or serves as an officer and is expected to perform the duties of each respective job.

Help us please!  It is important that we know who you would like to have representing you.  Help us locate some of the wonderfully talented people that we have living here in Big Canoe.

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