March 2007 - Canoe Outdoors:

Friday and Saturday, April 13 and 14
Wildflower Bunch Garden Club
holds its annual Plant Sale

By Cynthia Hendry
Mark you calendars for the garden club’s plant sale dates on Friday and Saturday, April 13 and 14 this year.  A major change this year is the location move to the Wildcat Recreation Center.

As usual, expect to find a wide assortment of both evergreen and deciduous trees and shrubs as well as perennials, annuals, groundcovers and native grasses.  Deer resistant display gardens will be set up as well as native plant presentations. 


Big Canoe Hikers
The beautiful and challenging
Panther Creek Trail

By Joyce Raley
Panther Creek trail lies in the Tallulah Basin of Habersham County, an eighty-mile ride from Big Canoe.  It’s worth the trip.  Big Canoe Hikers followed the trail on a winter day without wind and were soon shedding layers of clothing. 

The creek begins in the mountains five miles above the parking area.  It twists and curves as it makes its way to the Tugaloo River that forms the border between Georgia and South Carolina.

It’s about as pretty a trail as you would want to hike, and as challenging as it is appealing. 


Introduction to Birds of Big Canoe

Come and learn about the wonderful diversity of birds in Big Canoe!  This workshop will include an evening of instruction and discussion about birds and birdwatching.  There will be a slide presentation to help you identify and understand more about the avian residents and visitors to our beautiful mountains.

Many of the bird pictures in the presentation will be from Bert Loftman’s collection taken right here in Big Canoe.


Tennis Committee actions
work to benefit players, community

By Ches Tredway
The tennis committee normally meets 6-7 times per year and acts as an advisory committee to the POA board and the tennis pro, Howard Hunt.  This year’s committee members are:  Kaaren Arthurs, Brenda Bedingfield, Joe Dodd, Jud Dye, John Ernst, Roger Estill, Ken Hagadorn, Sue Hart, and Ches Tredway, chair.

The renovation of the tennis center has been completed.  The men’s and women’s rest rooms and the pro shop have been remodeled.  New outdoor carpet will be installed shortly in the area in front of the tennis center.  Wind screens will be put up as soon as the weather allows for regular play outside.


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