Archived Articles: May 2001
BC Deer Count
up 39 percent

Fred Shaw, HOA director for Trails, Lakes and Environment, and his dedicated crew of spotlighters (including Nancy Thaw, Bud and Jane Ison, Herb and Peggy Horn) recently completed three deer counts in Big Canoe in April. Full Story

A Personal Experience
What to do if you lose your wallet
We've all heard horror stories about fraud committed using your name, address, Social Security number, and credit cards when you lose your wallet or have it stolen from you. Full Story.

Amenities Report
Demand brisk for POA rental fleet;
Most slip renters taking lease offer

Demand has been brisk for POA rental boats, Big Canoe's newest amenity, according to General Manager Troy Ledbetter. He says that he is looking for additional vessels to add to the fleet. Full Story.

All About Buzzards
More lovingly known as our Eagles,
they fill our skies, clean our roads

I was playing golf recently when a flock of buzzards circled into view. I remarked to my partner that there were some "blacks" among them. "What do you mean?" he asked. "I thought all buzzards were alike." Not so. Full Story.

An Essay
Cell Phones: A glorious benefit,
or a loss of innocence?

Let me set the record straight. I am totally in favor of the cellular telephone tower that appears certain to be built in Big Canoe. Until then, only the higher elevation neighborhoods have the ability to access a cellular signal. After that time, virtually every home in Big Canoe will have the added convenience and security of cellular service if they so desire. Full Story.

Another Hallmark Event
Chapel amphitheatre, The Terraces,
dedicated on perfect spring morning

It was a perfect spring morning when the April 22 Terraces Dedication Day arrived. Everything ran smoothly, including the parking and best of all, the attendance was great. Full Story.

Copperhead's Day Hikes
You'd think you're in Arizona,
but it's Rocktown right here in Ga.

If you thought that you had to go to Utah or Arizona to see spectacular rock formations, think again. We have them right here in North Georgia in a place called, appropriately, Rocktown. Full Story.

Alive and Well!
Dawson County theatre impressive,
Features promising young talent

The performing arts are alive and well in Dawson County, as anyone who attended the New Main Event on April 20 and 21 can tell. Full Story.

Community Operations
Open dumpster to be removed;
Abuse by big construction blamed

"...a decision has been made to remove the open dumpster from the recycling area because the cost of operations has been excessive..." Full Story.

Erosion control rules clarified;
Compliance strategy developed

Elected Director Jim Deach reports that the POA has received clarification from the Georgia Environmental Protection Division (the EPD) regarding erosion control compliance requirements. Full Story.

Expanded Horizons
You can choose Herbs or Verbs
or go for both in the June program

The summer term for the Expanded Horizons program should appeal to aspiring writers of every ilk. Full Story.

Ninth in a Series
Meet Chuck Gordon, next year's
Homeowners board president

Newcomers to Big Canoe might wonder how long one needs to live here in order to become involved in the leadership of the community. Full Story.

Spring brings flurry of activity
at Foothills construction site

Spring has sprung, and there is a flurry of activity at the Foothills Village. Full Story.

Now is the time to book fall trip
Doesn't this spring weather make you want to pack your bags and go somewhere? Full Story.

1Q Financial Report
Three-month results are favorable,
but don't multiply by four

Big Canoe Property Owner Association's financial results for the first three months of 2001 have been favorable. Full Story.

POA Board upholds Sconti smoke ban;
Commits to reduce deer population

In its regularly scheduled meeting on April 18, the POA Board of Directors took several actions that should be of interest to most property owners. Full Story.

POA Nominating Committee begins its work;
Seeks candidates to run for expiring Lee term

As provided by the POA by-laws, the elected directors of the POA appointed the following POA members to the 2001 POA Nominating Committee effective April 1: Charlie Ferris, Jim Milton, Jim Owens, Chair, and Billie Ann Rice. Full Story.

No power supply problem foreseen,
says Amicalola Electric official

Will we have California rolling blackouts in Big Canoe this summer? Full Story.

Yea, Anita!
Fitness is hard work, not much fun,
sales tax won't apply, refund due

What a lot of us huffing, puffing and groaning Big Canoers have known since the first of the year has been acknowledged by the State of Georgia. Full Story.

Big Crowd Attends Spring Fling
The May Day party on Saturday, May 5 at McDaniel Meadows hosted by the Big Canoe Company was well attended by a stream of Big Canoers who showed up between the hours of 11:00 and 2:00 for barbeque and potato salad catered by A Matter of Taste. Full Story.

2001 ALTA spring season ends;
B-5 Team places second in division

The 2001 ALTA Spring Thursday Women's League concluded regular season play on April 26th with two Big Canoe teams participating. Full Story.

Twilight at the Terraces
New summer series kicks off June 15
with Georgia Philharmonia concert

The Georgia Philharmonia led by Music Director Philip Rice will present a concert of light classics and pop music at the Terraces on June 15 at 7:30 p.m. Full Story.

The 13th should prove lucky
For this year's annual Tour of Homes

It's the biggest event in the life of Big Canoe in terms of volunteers, and this year's Tour of Homes has been blessed with the planning and organizational skills of Chairman Margaret Wyers and her team. Full Story.

Veterans Appreciation Day
Big Canoe supports
National World War II Memorial
and honors local veterans on September 8

It's appropriate and timely that our nation honors those ordinary Americans who preserved our freedom and literally helped save the world from tyranny. Full Story.

The waterfalls of Big Canoe
You have probably already been to the nearby waterfall at Amicalola State Park, but have you ever been to the waterfalls at Big Canoe? Full Story.

Board approves Waterford annexation;
Membership Vote mailed; meeting set

In a signing ceremony at The Meadows on Saturday morning, May 5, the POA Board of Directors approved a resolution proposing the acceptance of the Waterford residential development as an addition to Big Canoe. Full Story.

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