Archived Articles: July 2001
POA Deer Study Committee
Completes Its Final Report

The Deer Study Committee completed its task and submitted its final report in June. This concluded three months of work that comprised inputs from state and federal agencies, universities, and other communities with similar deer problems. Full story

A joyful celebration of patriotism,
diverse musical program wins praise

The festivities surrounding the Fourth of July kicked off with a musical spectacular offering performers and tunes for virtually every musical taste. Full story

Bear cub, said to be wounded,
shot on Quail Cove by resident

One of Big Canoe's bear cubs was shot and killed by a resident on June 30 in the vicinity of Quail Cove Drive, according to a report by Big Canoe Security. Full story

Bear Shooting and lightning damage
plus other news from the GM's office

Troy Ledbetter, POA General Manager, reported that a property owner shot and killed a bear in the Quail Cove area on Saturday, June 30, at 10:30 a.m. Full story

Big Canoe's Durable Seniors
The Dolans, a family story:
one plus one equals eight

It was a hot, rainy, muggy day in September, 1996, when we moved to Big Canoe. Arriving with two cars and two trucks presented a serious parking problem. Full story

Big Canoe gives open-arms welcome
To Veterans Memorial Overlook

The Memorial Overlook to be built in the flagpole area on Lake Petit Dam has been welcomed with open arms by Big Canoe. Full story

Cell tower dilemma continues,
Fitness Center usage to be studied

At its June meeting, the POA Board continued to struggle with the location of the proposed cellular tower. Various Directors and the Administration have received comments from property owners giving input on this matter. Full story

Chairman's Letter to Chapel Members
On June 11, a letter was sent to all members of the Chapel from our Chairman Al Hartgraves regarding the "library situation." Full story

Chairman's annual report
to Big Canoe Chapel members

The Chapel membership continues to increase. At year-end the membership was 1,182, of which 893 were active members. Full story

Six new trustees elected to board
at Chapel's July 8 annual meeting
Chaplain search delayed;Library issue discussed

The annual meeting of Big Canoe Chapel was held following the 10:30 service on Sunday, July 8. Full story

Big Canoe youth attend Colorado
YMCA Student Venture Camp

A group of 14 Big Canoe young people traveled with me to Estes Park, Colorado June 16-21 to participate in the YMCA Student Venture Camp of the Rockies. Full story

A News Analysis
The Community Dinner change
examined and explained

In early June the POA significantly changed the concept of the Wednesday night Community Dinners. Full story

Community Relations
Group briefed by BC's Tony Williams
of the Pickens Planning Commission

The Community Relations Committee recently heard from a Big Canoe Resident who is a member of the Pickens County Planning Commission. Full story

An Update Report
Community Relations Committee
to focus on local organizations

It is critical as we grow and evolve as a community that we develop and maintain good relations with key outside organizations and entities such as city and county governments, chambers of commerce, school administrations, and others. Full story

Concert on the Fairway
Dekalb Symphony Orchestra returns
for summer highlight event

On June 11th, Big Canoers of all ages were treated to a delightful evening of classical pops music provided by the DeKalb Symphony Orchestra at the annual summer concert sponsored by the Big Canoe POA. Full story

Copperhead's Day Hikes
Listen to the soothing sounds of
The waterfalls of Northeast Georgia

The sound of rushing and falling water is soothing to me; in my boyhood I used to fall asleep listening to the creek at my grandmother's house in the North Carolina mountains. Full story

Coyotes in Our Midst!
Eastern Seaboard now populated
with this adaptable wild dog

" neighbor Jim Brandimarte told me he had witnessed a coyote crossing our lots along the shore of Lake Petit..." Full story

Dr. Robert B. Platt remembered
He set the course for our natural environment

Dr. Robert B. Platt was a pioneer ecologist, teacher and researcher for over 60 years, coming to Big Canoe in 1978 after his retirement from Emory University. Full story

A 60-mile walk!
Carol Smotherman plans 3-day hike
for breast cancer research support

Imagine saying you're going to walk 60 miles and have your friends and supporters pay at least $1,900 to see you do it! Full story

Tour of Chattanooga battle site
and fiction study in August plans

On August 9, through the Expanded Horizons program, Civil War buffs will travel to Chattanooga to study the battle that launched General Sherman's March to the Sea and his burning of Atlanta. Full story

From the Board
Will paradise be lost?

Oversight is one of the Board's most important functions: keeping an eye out for the changes in our community which, if ignored, could grow into major problems. Full story

Chet and Charlie will sign you up!
Special fundraiser Golf tournament
Set for Big Canoe on September 19

It may not be the cheapest round of golf you'll ever pay for, but it will be good money well spent. Full story

Twilight at the Terraces
Ga. Philharmonia treats residents
to program of pleasing music

Big Canoe was treated to another evening of classical pops on June 15 at the venue designed as a community center for the performing arts, the Terraces at Meditation Park. Full Story

Gordon, Bowyer Wyeth, new officers;
Baugus, Rehg, Saling,Thurman win seats

The baton was passed from the outgoing board to the incoming board at the Big Canoe Home Owners Association general membership meeting held at the Big Canoe Chapel on Saturday, July 7. Full story

Interested in renovating?

Fortunately, there are some very good builders and contractors working here at Big Canoe. Full story

June Food and Beverage revenues
exceed $100,000 - best month ever!

Troy Ledbetter, General Manager of the Property Owners Association, reported that the food and beverage operation continues to do well under manager Robert Schmit. Full story

The Katydids are coming!
The summer's song of Big Canoe,
a nightlong cacophony all about love

Katydids - they send out the nightlong cacophony of song that you hear in Big Canoe from early July into October. Full story

More Facts on Lightning Rods
Read on if you're still undecided

The June issue of Smoke Signals contained a wealth of information regarding recent lightning damage in Big Canoe and the theory behind lightning protection. Full story

Barnsley Gardens - a spa with ghost tales!
We'll travel north this month for gardens, ghosts, gory tales, and good music! We can get all of that in one trip to Barnsley Gardens near Adairsville. Full story

Record breaking issue
A record-breaking 104-page July issue of Smoke Signals will be delivered to property owners' boxes this Saturday. Full story

An Issues Review
Roadside property landscaping
and Safety/Maintenance problems

Some property owners are receiving letters these days from the Big Canoe Architectural and Environmental Control Committee (AECC) regarding their roadside landscaping. Full story

Seven-week Spring Tennis League
ends play with win by Linda Kelly

The Big Canoe Thursday Ladies Spring League wrapped up play recently with Linda Kelly garnering an impressive 125 game points. Full story

Upcoming Events
From the Entertainment Desk

From the positively pedestrian to the profoundly pleasing, there are enough arts, cultural and entertainment experiences in North Georgia to delight everyone. Full story

"Paddling" down the Etowah
Despite low water, river trip
shows beauty of this ecological gem

With one knee in the canoe and one foot on the slippery and uneven rocks in the river, we shoved and pushed our canoe down the Etowah River. Full story

Veterans Appreciation Day
More plans told for this big event
honoring Big Canoe's veterans

A rousing concert by the nation's premiere military jazz ensemble, a parade of all Big Canoe veterans in uniform lead by a stirring pipes and drums band, a daring land/sea helicopter rescue demonstration on Lake Petit, a unique display of military artifacts, an inspiring speech by a former Vietnam POW, a sing-along to patriotic music - plus hot dogs and apple pie - all these and even more will combine to make Veterans Appreciation Day on Saturday September 8 one of the most memorable, all-American events ever held at Big Canoe. Full story

Two tournaments
bring great competition in June

The month of June brought more great Monday morning weather for women golfers, as well as two big tournaments. Full story

With good hands
Bill Fraker, Master Bookbinder,
still enjoys his special gift

When Bill and Rosene Fraker moved to Yunsoo Place three years ago, Bill brought along the most important tools of his trade: his hands. Full story

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