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A patriotic family festival
Veterans Appreciation Day
set for Saturday, September 8

The Play Field will be transformed into an old-fashioned patriotic family festival of food, fun, music, military presence and Americana for Veterans Appreciation Day on Saturday, September 8. Full Story

Lake Petit dam to be closed to cars
for Veterans Day afternoon events
Shuttle service available from the North Gate
Because of all the activities taking place at Lake Petit Dam during the afternoon, the road over the dam (Wilderness Parkway) will be closed from 11:00 a.m. until about 6:00 p.m. on Saturday, September 8, for Veterans Appreciation Day. Full Story

Veterans Appreciation Day
Schedule of Events

Full story

Stirring music of the Pipes & Drums
will lead the Parade of Veterans

The dynamic John Mohr MacKintosh Pipes & Drums band, known for its showmanship and competitive spirit, will perform its timeless music for Veterans Appreciation Day. Full Story

"Take III Trio" to sing WWII oldies
You'll think you're back in 1941 when you see the "Take III Trio" perform at Veterans Appreciation Day. Full Story

It just snowballed!
Ginny Harper's Veterans Day idea
grew big with help of volunteers

Great events usually begin with a small idea, and Veterans Appreciation Day is no exception. Big Canoe has Chairperson Ginny Harper to thank for this special day that's grown into a huge celebration to honor our veterans. Full Story

Recognized Worldwide
Air Force Jazz Ensemble group
to bring alive big band sound

A highlight of Veterans Appreciation Day will be a concert by the U.S. Air Force Reserve Jazz Ensemble. Full Story

Dahlonega's Blue Ridge Rifle team
to perform for veterans

A real treat of Veterans Appreciation Day will be performances by the nation's #1 drill team - our own North Georgia College and State University team from Dahlonega - during the afternoon and as part of the Veterans Parade. Full Story

Lee Ellis, former Vietnam POW,
to speak at Veterans Day ceremony

Leon (Lee) F. Ellis, Vietnam prisoner of war, will be the featured speaker during the Veterans Recognition Program. Full Story

Memorial Overlook on Lake Petit dam
to be lasting tribute to our veterans

Thanks to a huge show of support by our community, the Memorial Overlook honoring our veterans will soon be under construction in the flagpole area on Lake Petit Dam. Full Story

Military to have huge presence,
requiring on-duty "protocol officer"

As fitting, there will be a huge military presence at Veterans Appreciation Day. Full Story

Multi-talented Music Man!
MC Lamar Helms has what it takes
to keep Veterans program moving

Keeping the Veterans Recognition Program moving at a good pace will be the job of Master of Ceremonies Lamar Helms. Full Story

Chapel to celebrate its 25th year
with special service at Terraces

This year marks the 25th anniversary of the official establishment of Big Canoe Chapel. Full Story

Beat the heat with a bike ride
and swim on August 25th

Bicyclists of Big Canoe (BBC) is planning a ride from Big Canoe's north gate to the beautiful Amicalola River. Everyone is welcome to participate in this event. Full Story

Upcoming Events
From the Entertainment Desk

As we head into autumn (hard to imagine in the middle of August!), it is time to start thinking about all the festivals and events that are upcoming in the North Georgia area. Full Story

Trees of Big Canoe
On the north slopes of our mountains
you'll find one with an unusual name

If driving around the north slopes of either Sanderlin or Wet Mountain this month, look for the spectacular Devil's Walkingstick, Aralia spinosa. Full Story

Steve Tate and 53 shopping area
is finally rising from the earth

The intersection of Steve Tate Highway and Highway 53 is about to become a shopping, restaurant and service needs answer to area residents' age-old wish lists. Full Story

September golf tournament
to benefit child abuse
prevention programs

On September 19, a golf tournament sponsored by Crescent Bank will provide an opportunity for Big Canoers and their golfing friends to support efforts of PREVENT CHILD ABUSE-PICKENS to curb local child abuse and neglect. Full Story

to speak
at Town Hall

The August 25 POA Town Hall meeting will have a full agenda, including a first look at the elected director candidates and a lecture on deer ecology... Full Story

Fun and games plus skydivers
on tap for Labor Day weekend

While somewhat overshadowed by the huge Veterans Appreciation Day one week later, a big holiday weekend is planned nevertheless in Big Canoe on Saturday and Sunday, September 1 and 2 to celebrate Labor Day. Full Story

Katydids and Cicadas
The Cicada waits up to 13 years
underground for its day in the sun

When is a cicada not a cicada? Full Story

Two Hazardous
road sections
to be improved

Two hazardous roads within Big Canoe are slated for improvement, according to General Manager Troy Ledbetter. Full Story

Greer and Cherry to stand
for election to POA Board

The POA Nominating Committee has named Gary Cherry and Linda Greer as candidates for the November election to the POA Board of Directors. Full Story

A worm in the corn ear?
Early birds get fun and more
at Jasper's Saturday Farm Market

The early bird gets more than a worm in the corn ear on Saturday morning. Full Story

Expanded Horizons
The Fall Schedule:
From Regiments to Rocks

The Fall, 2001 schedule for the Expanded Horizons program is typically diverse. Full Story

I was profoundly moved by the experience
A visit to D-Day Memorial at Bedford
"The eyes of the world are upon you."

I am not a member of the Greatest Generation, and I have learned most of my 20th century American history from stories my mother told me, and what I've seen in the movies. Full Story

Community Dinner Format Changing
The format of the Wednesday night community dinner is changing, according to General Manager Troy Ledbetter. Full Story

"Joy Explosion"
A Celebration for Young People
Musical group, "Clemency," to play
at Terraces performance, August 31

All are invited to attend this special concert, "Joy Explosion," a Celebration for Young People, by the musical group, Clemency, at the Terraces on Friday evening August 31. Full Story

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