Archived Articles: September 2001
A bright and shining moment
Some 1200 Big Canoers celebrate
Veterans Appreciation Day

It will be a bright and shining moment forever in the pages of Big Canoe's history book! Full story.

Impressions of the Day
It was an old-fashioned, apple pie kind of a day
with folks dressed in Old Glory's colors
and a parade of veterans to grateful applause

It was an old-fashioned, apple pie kind of a day Saturday, September 8, as Big Canoe paid tribute to its military veterans! Full story.

Photo Contest
Enter Your Best Photos
From Vetetans Appreciation Day

Winning photos to be published in the October Smoke Signals and Smoke Signals Online. Full story.

POA Board abandons consideration
of Cove Road Recycling proposal

After meeting with a large group of protesting property owners, the POA Board of Directors at its September 19 meeting abandoned further consideration of a proposed plan to move the Big Canoe recycling center to a new Cove Road location. Full story.

Not in my backyard!
Verizon is ready to build cell tower
but needs ok from Dobson and POA

"Not in my backyard!" pretty much summarizes the current status of Big Canoe's cell tower project! Full story.

AECD Corner
We now have 1,378 homes in Big Canoe
This has been another busy year for the Architectural & Environmental Control Department. Full Story.

Answers to your questions
from Big Canoe Company, LLC

Being the Developer of this large, master-planned community, Big Canoe Company is often asked to clarify its role in community governance. Full story.

August Town Hall plays to full house
For the first time in a long time a POA Town Hall meeting filled up the Big Canoe Chapel. Full story.

A Reporter's Perspective
August Town Hall Musings

The August Town Hall Meeting was well designed and covered a plethora of information. As such, it provided a number of topics for thoughtful reflection. Full story.

Cardinal Flower: September's Splendor
As my fall garden begins to fade, Cardinal Flower, Lobelia cardinalis makes its splash! Full story.
Boy Scouts spend a week
at Blairsville's Camp Woodruff

Scouts from Big Canoe's Boy Scout Troop spent a week this summer at Camp Woodruff. Full story.

Copperhead's Day Hikes
Here's a real deal for you
right here close to Big Canoe

Some of you might read my hiking articles and say, "Gee, I'd like to try that but I just don't have time to drive somewhere for an hour or two, go hiking, then turn around and drive all that way back home." Full story.

Deer control lecture series begins
A large portion of the August 25 Town Hall meeting was devoted to the first of a series of three presentations on deer control by Dr. Robert Warren from the University of Georgia. Full story.

Deer education series to end with final lecture on Oct. 13
Dr. Robert J. Warren, Ph.D., will continue the deer education series with his final presentation at Big Canoe Chapel at 10 o'clock, Saturday, October 13. Full story.

Always a charmer!
Dottie Tate is the quintessential
Big Canoe Durable Senior

Big Canoe's Dottie Tate didn't just become a charmer - she's always been one! Having lost her mother at an early age, Dottie grew up in a family of adoring males, and that set the pattern for her adult life. Full story.

Fitness Center Health Fair
Well-attended by BC residents

The Fitness Center and the Mountainside Medical Center sponsored a Health Fair on Tuesday and Wednesday September 11 and 12. Full story.
Friendship Force from Wales
to visit Big Canoe in October

You are invited to participate in the event
The Friendship Force is an international organization based in Atlanta. Its purpose is to sow seeds of friendship through citizens exchanges involving one or two week of home-stays. Full story.

From the Developer's Office
A progress report on what's going on in BC
Big Canoe Company's model home program continues this fall with the Bob Timberlake Show Home presented by Southern Living. Full story.

New "Community Council" plan explained
Your elected directors have tried a variety of means over the past several years to improve communications and better inform the property owners regarding various issues of community importance. Full story.

General Manager's
Mid-Year Report Distributed
at the August Town Hall Meeting

I would like to take this opportunity to update you on some POA community projects and to provide you with a brief report on some other topics of interest. Full story.

Thinning and algae problems
hit new golf course greens

The golf maintenance crew has encountered some significant thinning and algae accumulations on the new greens, according to Troy Ledbetter, Big Canoe POA General Manager. Full story.

From marble to moonshine!
If you're bored this month,
check your pulse!

This month, there are entertaining events for all ages and all tastes, including musical offerings from classical to bluegrass, visual arts from pottery to painting, festivals celebrating everything from marble to moonshine, and athletic events for those on two wheels and those with four legs. Full story.

Jasper's Mountainside breaks ground
for new $15 million, 40-bed hospital

Good Samaritan Center to open in October
Mountainside Medical Center in Jasper has broken ground for a $15 million hospital facility on Highway 515. Full story.

Our Hope House Man
Nelson Dussault Memorial 5k Run
set for Saturday, October 20

In Big Canoe, the name Nelson Dussault and Hope House are almost synonymous. Full story.

Oldsmobile Scramble Results
Net and gross teams
play well at Regional Finals

The Net team of Tom Faucette, Donnie Faucette, Dan DeMay, Tim Moran, and Assistant Professional Scott Abner went to the Regional Finals at St. Ives Country Club and played very well. Full story.

Photo Contest
Enter Your Best Photos
From Vetetans Appreciation Day

Winning photos to be published in the October Smoke Signals and Smoke Signals Online. Full story.

Big Canoe POA Financial Report
January - July 2001
• BALANCE SHEET: As of 7/31/01, Big Canoe POA OWNS $13.1 million in assets from which you subtract $4.7 million that the POA OWES leaving $8.4 as owner's equity. Full story.

POA Safety Committee publishes
BC emergency evacuation map

After several years of planning and revising, an emergency evacuation map of Big Canoe is finally a reality. Full story.

Special prayer service held for victims
Community residents, reacting in shock and disbelief at the morning's terrorist attacks on our Nation, gathered Tuesday afternoon at Big Canoe Chapel for a special prayer service for the victims of the tragedy and their families. Full story.

A Restaurant Review
Who cares if it's honkytonk tacky
when the food and service are good

It's funky, honkytonk, and tacky! Full story.

"South African Worship Band"
to perform here on October 11

Jasper's Jodi Stancil is soloist and band member
A fall concert featuring the "South African Worship Band" is set for Thursday evening, October 11 at Big Canoe Chapel at 6:30 p.m. Full story.

The Couples Championship will be held Saturday September 29th with tee times beginning at 8:00 a.m. Full story.

The way we were in WWII
Upcoming Tater Patch production
features work of BC Playwright

One of the distinctive features making Big Canoe so unique is the variety of personalities and talents among the residents, and we are fortunate to have among our ranks a playwright whose work closely echoes the history shared by many in this community. Full story.

Web sites show spectacular growth;
Fast becoming BC spot info choice

The POA and HOA web sites continue to improve and are providing the community with a reliable source of up-to-date information. Full story.

A new beginning
The Wednesday Night Community Dinner
is back with Jim Dore leading the way

The wonderful "spirit of community" at Big Canoe is enhanced by many opportunities for coming together. Full story.

What you need to know
about the West Nile Virus

Surely every resident of Big Canoe is acquainted with this fact that the West Nile Virus (WNV) is now present in Georgia. Full story.

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