Archived Articles: October 2001
Election ballot for director post
to be mailed in early November

Winner to be announced at Dec.1 POA meeting
Ballots for the election of a new POA director will be mailed to property owners on or around November 2, according to information received from the General Manager's office. Full story.
Gary Cherry Biography
Gary Cherry was born and raised in Colorado, north of Denver. After college (degree in Electrical Engineering), he entered the Air Force and became a pilot. Full story.
Linda Greer Biography
Linda Greer has been a full-time resident of Big Canoe, living on Sanderlin Mountain, since 1994. Full story.
POA Board abandons consideration
of Cove Road Recycling proposal

After meeting with a large group of protesting property owners, the POA Board of Directors at its September 19 meeting abandoned further consideration of a proposed plan to move the Big Canoe recycling center to a new Cove Road location. Full story.
From The Board:
The Cell Tower, the Recyling Center
and Unsung Volunteers

The Board and Management are in active conversation with Cingular regarding a cell tower for Big Canoe. Full story.
HOA Health Committee Notes
Flu Shot availability announced
Just a few reminders from your HOA Health Committee!
We will not have a Flu Shot clinic. A shortage of vaccine is the problem.
Full story.
Cove Road no longer the focus of
of Recycle Center hunt, Troy reports

The plan for a new recycling center on Cove Road had a short life, reports Troy Ledbetter, General Manager of the Property Owners Association. Full story.
Cell tower status becomes very fluid
with Cingular now showing interest

While it is much too early yet to have anything specific to report on the Big Canoe cell tower front, talks are now taking place with another provider, Cingular, and the word from Verizon is that they're still interested. Full story.
Board Discusses Speed Bumps,
Cell Tower, and Builder Problems

In its regularly scheduled September meeting, the POA Board of Directors discussed numerous issues of current interest to property owners. Full story.
Deer Control or Dear Candidates?
August Town Hall plays to full house
For the first time in a long time a POA Town Hall meeting filled up the Big Canoe Chapel. Full story.
Answers to your questions,
from Big Canoe Company, LLC

Being the Developer of this large, master-planned community, Big Canoe Company is often asked to clarify its role in community governance. Full story.
AllTel offers
ADSL service in Big Canoe

Alltel Communications is offering ADSL service in Big Canoe, according to a release issued recently by Terry Field, local manager of the company's Dawsonville office. Full story.
What to do when picking house color
What are the approved colors in Big Canoe? What is the best way to pick colors for my house? What is the procedure for submitting colors? Full story.
It's Apple Alley Time
This All-American fruit abounds
at Big Canoe's own back door

It's apple time in Georgia, and Big Canoers have their own "private supply" right out the North Gate and just up the road apiece. Full story.
Copperhead's Day Hikes
Fort Mountain Park west of Ellijay
combines history with hiking

Mountains are by nature mysterious: up "there" above us… shrouded in clouds and fog… covered in dense vegetation… patrolled by wild animals. Full story.
Expanded Horizons
"Stork Club" a sell-out, "Rock" holding steady
With a tuxedoed Fred Shaw poised to serve as MC, "Welcome to the Stork Club" has enjoyed more popularity than anything sponsored by Expanded Horizons thus far. Full story.
Don't miss this one!
Let Stranger Malone entertain you
with a great mix of nostalgic music

You all need to come enjoy the music of Stranger Malone! Full story.
Tater Patch prepares
for "Our Finest Hour"

Rehearsals have begun and the excitement is building for the world-premier production of Our Finest Hour: The Way We Were in WWII, a play with close ties to Big Canoe. Full story.
Set for Trinity Church
World Trade Center attack
changes couple's wedding plans

Anne Dewey, daughter of Joyce and Ed Dewey of Petit Ridge Drive, has lived and worked in the financial district of New York City for years. Full story.
Big Canoe's Durable Seniors
Meet Marilyn and Weldon Causseaux,
who stay busy in community activity

This is a story of family love. It is a story of a couple that shares their love with church and community. Meet Marilyn and Weldon Causseaux. Full story.
God Bless America!
Watching television early on September 11th, and for days following, was a traumatic experience. Full story.
Chapel's Dr. Jimmy Allen receives
Award for leadership with integrity

Dr. Jimmy Allen, Big Canoe Chapel's Chaplain, was presented the inaugural Judson-Rice Award by the autonomous news journal Baptists Today on September 17. Executive Editor John Pierce and Carolyn Weatherford Crumpler, a director of the publication, made the presentation. Baptists Today is a national monthly news journal based in Macon, Georgia. Full story.
Letters to Ginny
I learned of these letters quite by accident and asked to read them. These heartfelt words of thanks from across the community, some touchingly poignant, should be shared with everyone, I thought. All those folks who worked so hard to make Veterans Appreciation Day such a beautiful reality need to know just how deeply it was embraced. Full story.
A lifetime goal completed
Kaaren and Lee Arthurs finish
visiting all fifty states

After our big trip through the US Rocky Mountains in the spring of 2000, Kaaren and I realized that we had traveled together over the years through all but four of our country's fifty states. We wondered then if we would ever complete the tour. Full story.
The Trauma of September 11
We needed to reach out and touch one another,
to feel the comfort of humans we care about

"Hello, Dorothy. I hope you and your family are okay. I wanted you to know I'm thinking of you and everyone on our street." This message from my next door neighbor was on my voice mail. It was September 12, 2001. Full story.
Tutoring program
needs volunteers

The young children of Pickens County need tutors to give them a boost with their school work. Full story.
The profile for Roger W. Michel should read as follows: Full story.
Veterans Appreciation Day
Photo Contest Winners

Full story.
Who's New
Julia Hiers Havron had known about Big Canoe for years before moving in May to her home at 8144 Black Gum Drive. She is a widow with two grown children and two grandchildren, all in the Atlanta area. Full story.
A Friday at the Broyles Center
Most were there to give something away -
something very precious, only theirs to give

September 21 was like any other Friday in September. It was warm, but not hot, the sky was hazy, and you could see the hint of autumn colors in the trees. But if you entered the Broyles Community Center, on the lower level from the parking area, you would have noticed a difference. Full story.
Courage and Faith
Crises have a way of stripping away the camouflage of our lives. Some of the time we do not know ourselves what our capabilities are. Full story.
Chapel welcomes
six new members

Full story.
Big Canoe's Shepherds honored
at Appreciation Luncheon Sept. 29

The Shepherd program at Big Canoe is a Chapel-sponsored one developed in 1991 to communicate the truly caring spirit of this community. Full story.
Two teams begin
fall ALTA play

The ALTA Thursday Women's League began its fall session on September 6. There are two Big Canoe teams participating, one at B-1 level and another playing B-5. Full story.
Welcome back, tennis players and golfers
With the cool weather upon us I've noticed some old faces returning to the Fitness Center. Full story.
From The Pro
Full story.
Miles Vickery wins club championship
over Michael Spears in close match

Miles Vickery won Big Canoe's Men's Club Championship held in August with a gross score of one over par, which gave him a 36-hole score of 145. Full story.
Our Tennis Writer's Winning Spirit
I didn't want to do any of the things that
seemed important to me before the attack,
but now I am back!

Since the attacks by the terrorists on America on September 11, I have been sad, anxious, worried about my children and grandchildren, my United States and all that it represents to me. Full story.
Please, no joggers
On the golf course

Property owners ask frequently if they can jog or walk around the golf course on the cart paths. Full story.
Popular Women's Invitational
Tourney draws 108 players
from 40 clubs

The Women's Invitational Golf Tournament held on October 1 was a huge success. Full story.
Rita and Van Zeiler win
BC Couples Championship

The sixth annual Couples Championship was held Saturday September 29. This was a 27-hole event that began at 8:00 a.m. and ended in a sudden death playoff at 5:30 p.m. Full story.
Don't buy until you see these!
Another Faye Bohlayer painting
picked for this year's Yule Cards

Those who were at Big Canoe last year will remember the wonderful Chapel Christmas cards based on original artwork by the artist Fay Bohlayer. Well, Fay has done it again! Full story.
Get a Pet and Live Longer
Part of the following article appeared in The New York Times. Full story.
Two common lizards are found here,
the five-lined skink and the Green Anole

Not long ago our Brittany darted under a bush and came out apparently having caught something. Full story.
Big Canoe's Dinner Eight Program
Eleven years old and counting

The accompanying photos show Big Canoe folks enjoying each other's company at a Dinner Eight gathering, one of the most interesting and successful functions in our community. Full story.
Too much red, white and blue?
Writer's Halloween Hot Lips
gets axed by AECC's Treena

Pumpkins, hay bales, Chrysanthemums, scarecrows and other fall fair all seem a part of this spectacular season at Big Canoe. Full story.
New Dawson County Library
hosts tea for area authors

The latest event held to celebrate the opening of the new Dawson County Library and to promote awareness of it was an Author Tea held on Sunday, October 7. Full story.
A Restaurant Review
Rainwater looks very good
and the food sounds okay, too

When we parked in front of the restaurant I immediately thought, " This just may be very good. Full story.
Skinks and pets
Although skinks are harmless to people, there is evidence that marauding cats who catch and eat skinks can come to grief. Full story.
The topless token
Mike Dolan, only male class member,
finds water aerobics not for whimps

Mike Dolan is the topless token in the afternoon water aerobics class and proud of it. Full story.

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