BREAKING NEWS 04.02.07 - BC FIRE DEPARTMENT NEEDS A FEW GOOD MEN AND WOMEN; Big Canoe Fire Department is looking for men and women to join the fire services organization and train to become state certified firefighters serving the community. Click here to read more...
One lone brave bloom: Big Canoers anxious for spring to arrive have been watching the hills for signs of spring foliage. Unfortunately, Mother Nature hasn't yet unveiled her new spring fashions except for a few spotty locations where a single splash of color reassures that warmer temps and prettier landscapes can't be far behind.

Overturned propane truck
creates “hazmat” crisis

By Laura Link
A propane truck lost brakes Monday morning, Feb. 19, on a treacherous section of road and overturned in the driveway at 2119 McElroy Mountain Drive.

This is the third serious truck accident at this location, one of which resulted in the fatality of a worker whose truck brakes failed as well.   

The driver of the Amerigas truck said he crested a hill and felt the brakes go out. He traveled about 600 yards during which time he tried to put the truck in a ditch while pulling on the emergency brake. The truck broke through the wooden guardrail and overturned in the driveway of David and Carol Dye’s home.


Stan Stewart battles serious illness
GM says prayers helped, still needed

By Laura Link
Stan Stewart came to Big Canoe two and a half years ago from Kansas fit as a fiddle and ready to take on the challenges of a growing gated community in the mountains of North Georgia.

Last September he began to notice a shortness of breath and loss of stamina. As his body continued to weaken doctors sought a diagnosis. After a couple of trips to Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minn. with his wife Wanda, Stan learned he has been diagnosed with primary systemic amyloidosis.


ISG leadership shifts
Big Canoe Incorporation
study enters next phase

By Barbara Schneider
The Big Canoe Incorporation Study Group (ISG) announced a shift in leadership as its information gathering process enters a new phase. The ISG, a group of Big Canoe residents from Dawson and Pickens counties, is exploring the feasibility and benefits of incorporating an 8,500-acre area that includes Big Canoe.

“I will no longer be chairman of the ISG’s executive committee,” says Bill Saling. “The new leadership team will be composed of three committee heads, Harry Gilmer, Dick Scharf and Bob Wright, who will see us through the next phase, which will focus on the committee reports.



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